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D.C.P. Tool & Mfg. has the experience and capabilities to get the job done right – every time.


D.C.P. TOOL & MFG. was established in 2002. We are a small company rapidly growing with strong guidelines and goals in mind.

We are only as good as our employees so we only hire very qualified people that pay attention to every detail no matter how small. Our team is self-motivated, reliable and very proud of their work.

Our formula for producing highest quality products in a timely manner:

We discuss and verify the way we are going to manufacture the part before it is started.

Our operator inspects all products in process and any no conforming parts are labeled as such or destroyed or repaired per customer approval.

Most of our machinery is late model – we are always looking to update, upgrade our technology and add to our equipment list and also we avoid cutting corners and we purchase the right tools for the job.

DCP is able to keep pricing down by keeping a low overhead and multi-tasking, as of today’s date we have no indirect personnel.

Flexibility and communication:
We understand that due dates change and that there are rush jobs and so we accommodate to best of our ability.

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